three new audio sketches-ported to ardcore

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three new audio sketches-ported to ardcore

Post by loss1234 » Sat Mar 16, 2013 4:51 pm

Half the fun, especially if you are new to Ardcore, is rummaging through the internet and finding sound-makers that are coded for the arduino


because with a few small changes, you can make them work on the ardcore

these three are the results of my saturday work.

One of these is Paul Badgers interesting Arduino Synth (which originally used encoders to change presets and had LEDS)

The other one is a simple little poly noise synth which i routed through the Dac.

a third is really just included for those who need a simple sketch to start understanding how to make sound.

but they all work!

make sure to pay attention to which output is listed as the sound output

btw...i think paul badgers arduino synth would sound a lot better through the dac...anyone want to try and route it? i couldnt figure it out (usually i can but he is using highs and lows to create the tone)

note: on the arduino synth, .i have the preset tied to random right now, which might not allow for the best exploration of presets. ...might be best just to pick one and have it load that way. there is a set of presets arranged with a case/switch....easy enough to change!

have fun!!!
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