[Closed] Dual digital oscillator ordering

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[Closed] Dual digital oscillator ordering

Post by lazerkind »

As mentioned in the gloat thread, I have made a dual digital oscillator. As some people expressed interest in PCB and chip I started this thread to gather a list.

Edit: interest has been overwhelming, See post below for ordering details

Original text
This WAS NOT a ordering thread, but depending on interest I may update this thread with ordering information and pricing.
Simply reply with the number of PCB+chip you'd be interested in.

OK, the details:
It looks like this,


and sounds like this



It is based on DSS (Direct digital synthesis) and is running on a ATMega 328p chip.

Both oscillators share a set of 4 * 8 Wavetables that can be interpolated.
It has 8 modes of operation:
- 1. Phase mod 1->2, 2->1
- 2. Saw mod
- 3. SampleWrap
- 4. BitCrush
- 5. PhaseCrush
- 6. Bitkill
- 7. And/Or
- 8. Sync 1->2
(still not 100% set in stone as so many variations sound cool)

pitch tracking is 5 octaves, 1V/oct. And can be offset +5 octaves with the coarse/fine controls. Additionally the pitch can be modified by the pitch mod inputs +/- 5 octaves.

Osc1 can be switched down one octave, and osc2 switched down 8 osctaves.

Osc2 can either follow osc1 or run free, by flipping the link switch.

All CV inputs are 0-5V but the pitch mod that is -5/+5. All inputs are protected against voltages outside that range, but inputting a non expected voltage may result in unexpected behaviour ;)

Edit: added in one more sound example, a gritty one ;)
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Post by lazerkind »

Interest list: (non binding) Edit: See post below for the Real ordering list

Lazerkind: -------------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1Panel
Rod Serling Fan Club -------- 1 PCB/Chip ? Panel
J3RK -------------------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1 Panel
knob_alchemist -------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1 Panel
sduck ------------------------- 2 PCB/Chip
marvkaye -------------------- 2 PCB/Chip
PraxisCat ----------------------1 PCB/Chip 1 Panel
falafelbiels -------------------- 1 PCB/Chip (panel)
SMS303 ----------------------- 1 PCB/Chip (panel)
mcop -------------------------- 1 PCB/Chip
regenbot ---------------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1 Panel
asb ---------------------------- 2 PCB/Chip
astroschnautzer -------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1 Panel
frozenkore -------------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1 Panel
pre55ure ---------------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1 Panel
logicgate ---------------------- 2PCB/Chip 2 Panel
hexinverter ------------------- 2 PCB/Chip
defenestration ---------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1 Panel
ChrisR ------------------------- 1 PCB/Chip
Citisyn ------------------------- 1 PCB/Chip
aladan ------------------------- 2 PCB/Chip
ejr27233 ---------------------- 1PCB/Chip
mOBiTh ----------------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1 Panel
whitewulfe -------------------- 2PCB/Chips
raisinbag ---------------------- 1PCB/Chip
HueMonContact --------------- 2PCB/Chip
keninverse -------------------- 2PCB/Chips 2Panels (maybe 4 of each)
rowman ----------------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1 Panel
lordofthebored ---------------- 1PCB/Chip 1 Panel
lms.ktp ------------------------- 1PCB/Chip 1 Panel
bjarneroe ---------------------- 1 PCB/Chip
mikecameron ------------------ 1 PCB/Chip 1 Panel
glacial23 ----------------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1?Panel
recompas --------------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1 Panel
vtl5c3 -------------------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1Panel
nd595 -------------------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1Panel
simfonik ----------------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1Panel
valis ---------------------------- 1 PCB/Chip
tobias --------------------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1 Panel?
rico loverde -------------------- 1 PCB/Chip
scozbor ------------------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1 Panel?
lombrose ------------------------ 1PCB/Chip 1 Panel
Barcode ------------------------- 1PCB/Chip 1Panel?
PF ------------------------------- 1 PCB/Chip
demian ------------------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1Panel
filterstein ----------------------- 1PCB/Chip
zoot horn rollo ----------------- 1PCB/Chip
nectar -------------------------- 1PCB/Chip
DreamLost --------------------- 1PCB/Chip
Emalot ------------------------- 1PCB/Chip
freeyerheel -------------------- 1PCB/Chip
NV------------------------------- 1PCB/Chip 1Panel?
janvanvolt --------------------- 1 PCB/Chip 1 Panel
glitchpop ----------------------- 1PCB/Chip 1Panel
Magman ------------------------ 2PCB/Chip
Peake ---------------------------2Chip/PCB
emdot_ambient ----------------1PCB/Chip
trainspotter ---------------------1Chip/PCB Panel
nangu --------------------------- 2 Chip PCB Panel
Microscopial -------------------- 2 Chip PCB Panel
fonik ---------------------------- 2 Chip PCB
oberkorn ------------------------1 Chip PCB
ashleym ------------------------ 1 Chip PCB
moogah ------------------------- 1 Chip PCB Panel
withakay ------------------------ 1(2) Chip PCB Panel
paulstone ----------------------- 1(2) Chip PCB Panel
beeedy -------------------------- 1 Chip/PCB
meatcliff ------------------------- 1 Chip/PCB (Panel)
JJ --------------------------------- 1Chip/PCB Panel
Pfurmel -------------------------- 1Chip/PCB
far gon --------------------------- 1Chip/PCB Panel
koobraelc ------------------------- 1Chip/PCB Panel
Taylor ----------------------------- 2Chip/PCB, Panel
wavehead ------------------------- 1Chip/PCB
numan7 --------------------------- 1Chip/PCB
nihilist ---------------------------- 1Chip/PCB
fluxmonkey ----------------------- 2Chip/PCB
Psychlist1972 ---------------------- 1Chip/PCB Panel (maybe x2)
nono ------------------------------- 1Chip/PCB Panel
lie3vie3 --------------------------- 1Chip/PCB
dogmeat -------------------------- 1Chip/PCB Panel
analog604 ------------------------ 1Chip/PCB
mono-poly ------------------------ 2Chip/PCB Panel
FetidEye ------------------------ 1Chip/PCB
scriptstyle ------------------------ 1Chip/PCB (panel)
norbwuertz ------------------------- 1Chip/PCB (panel)
samn ------------------------------- 2Chip/PCB
ju4n ------------------------------- 1Chip/PCB panel
sicpaul ---------------------------- 1Chip/PCB
kbo ---------------------------- 1Chip/PCB
synaptech ---------------------- 1Chip/PCB panel
monstrinho --------------------- 1Chip/PCB panel
the bad producer -------------- 2Chip/PCB

Sum--------------------------- 112 PCBs 55 Panels :eek:
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Post by lazerkind »

Ordering details

Ok, finally lets get this ordering going. :party:

The PCB + Programmed Chip will be 50 USD
The Euro Panel: 30 USD

Up to 2 pcb/panel sets: 12 USD
additional 2 sets adds 5 USD

This is International Shipping 1class priority in padded cardboard box.
Traceable packages are possible but cost about twice as much, let me know if you want it.
( Swedes, you'll get free shipping :) )

I'll leave ordering open until 19th of April and then I order everything. (possibly sooner if enough orders come in)

I will not request any money until I have the goods by me and have one built and tested OK.
(There is about 3weeks of delivery time to me to get panels, pcb's and chips. )
I thought I'd mention that Clarke is working on a panel for this module as well. He is very busy though so I don't know what the time frame is for that one.

BOM is available here:

NOTE! the 10n* caps in the BOM are marked as *100n on the PCB

Build Manual is here
DDO Build Manual

To Order:
Send me a email to pcb [atsign] pt-audio [dot] se with the following layout.

I'm ordering:
[ x ] sets of PCB & Preprogrammet chip for $ 50 per set.
[ y ] Euro panels for $ 30 per panel

plus international shipping for $ [ z ]

for the total of (Shipping + pcb & chip + panel)

I'm aware that I may have to pay additional amounts of customs and tax in my country.
I'm also aware that I'm only buying parts that may help me building an electronic module.
I understand that additional parts are required, I.e resistors, capacitors, jacks, etc.
I know how to build electronic circuits and I am trained in electrical safety matters.
The seller of these panels will not be held responsible for any damage that results from the items ordered, directly or indirectly.


My paypal address is:

My Shipping Address is:

My muff nickname is:
Thanks everybody for a overwhelming interest :sb:

Ok, deadline is approaching ( Friday 19th)
I thought I should summarize the people who I've received emails and PM's from.

If you are not in the list then I have not received a email or pm from you.

Orders: updated 2013-05-21
SynthCube -------------------- Paid and shipped
hexinverter -------------------- I will PM you
stimresp -------------------- Paid and shipped
sicpaul -------------------- Paid and shipped
astroschnautzer -------------------- Paid and shipped
nectar -------------------- Paid and shipped
Barcode -------------------- Paid and shipped
ashleym -------------------- Paid and shipped
filterstein -------------------- Paid and shipped
fonik -------------------- Paid and shipped
monstrinho -------------------- Paid and shipped
aladan -------------------- Paid and shipped
hsimonis -------------------- Paid and shipped
WhiteWulfe -------------------- Invoiced
sduck -------------------- Paid and shipped
SAMN -------------------- Invoiced
ejr27233 -------------------- Paid and shipped
EMalot -------------------- Paid and shipped
paulstone -------------------- Paid and shipped
spotta -------------------- Paid and shipped
emdot_ambient -------------------- Paid and shipped
fluxmonkey -------------------- Paid and shipped
guitarfool -------------------- Paid and shipped
LeFreq -------------------- Invoiced
limpmeat -------------------- Paid and shipped
kbo -------------------- Paid and shipped
windspirit -------------------- Paid and shipped
nono -------------------- Paid and shipped
mxmxmx -------------------- Paid and shipped
Led-man -------------------- Paid and shipped
Magman -------------------- Paid and shipped
falafelbiels -------------------- Paid and shipped
FetidEye -------------------- Paid and shipped
Rod serling fan club -------------------- Paid and shipped
logicgate -------------------- Paid and shipped
regenbot -------------------- Paid and shipped
mcop -------------------- Paid and shipped
Citisyn -------------------- Paid and shipped
Pre55ure -------------------- Paid and shipped
trainspotter -------------------- Paid and shipped
dogmeat -------------------- Paid and shipped
metalpunk -------------------- Paid and shipped
mDang -------------------- Paid and shipped
mOBiTh -------------------- Paid and shipped
Lombrose -------------------- Paid and shipped
Peake -------------------- Paid and shipped
mechie -------------------- Paid and shipped
nickster -------------------- Paid and shipped
rowman -------------------- Canceled
arrmcbain -------------------- Paid and shipped
Taylor -------------------- Paid and shipped
Chaosium -------------------- Paid and shipped
nangu -------------------- Paid and shipped
Brunstein -------------------- Paid and shipped
bluedonkey -------------------- Paid and shipped
moogah -------------------- Invoiced
ThecureForSin -------------------- Paid and shipped
mikecameron -------------------- Paid and shipped
frozenkore -------------------- Paid and shipped
demian -------------------- Paid and shipped
chocolatyshatner -------------------- Paid and shipped
]tobias -------------------- Paid and shipped
Reese P. Dubin -------------------- Check your PM
vtl5c3 -------------------- Paid and shipped
wavehead -------------------- Invoiced
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Post by Rod Serling Fan Club »

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Post by J3RK »

Interested in 1 PCB 1 Chip, and possibly 1 panel (depending on panel price)
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Post by knob_alchemist »

Interested in PCB/chip depending on price...not a panel also?
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Post by lazerkind »

Maybe it is wise to gather panel interest in this thread as well, so please state if you are interested in PCB/Chip only or if you are interested in a panel as well.
I don't have a good estimate of prices yet as it will depend on the volume, especially the panel where my single off order from Schaeffer costed 60Euro.

But I won't hold this sign up as a binding order list, it is just to check interest and estimate the numbers we can get, and I'll base the prices on that.
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Post by sduck »

Put me down for 2 board/chip sets!
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Post by marvkaye »

I'd be up for 2 PCB/chip sets as well. Nice feature set.

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Post by PraxisCat »

This looks incredible and sounds good. Sign me up. Lovely digital osc!

1 PCB,
1 Chip and
1 Panel (if you are doing them, panel looks great btw).
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Post by SMS303 »

from the gloat thread:
falafelbiels wrote:Well I'm interested!
Me too, for 1 dual!
It depends on price for chip + board.....
It could be my first digital modular osc.... :lol:
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Post by mcop »

I'm interested also.

Board and chip only as I'd rather make my own panels. Depends on price as to how many.
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Post by mcop »

Edit - Double post
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Post by regenbot »

interested in one dual :tu:
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Post by asb »

2 PCB/Chip sets!

Post by astroschnautzer »

I want.

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Post by frozenkore »

1 PCB/Chip 1 Panel please
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Post by regenbot »

I'll take panel too :tu:
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Post by pre55ure »

Interested in PCB+Chip+Panel
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Post by logicgate »

Why not??

1 PCB + Chip + Panel for me! :deadbanana:

So, there's no FM? Can't we crossmodulate the oscillators for some FM madness? It would be great if we had a project like the FMVDO. :sb:
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Post by hexinverter »

PCB/chip + euro panel for meeee! :yay: :w00t:
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Post by defenestration »

put me down for a PCB/chip + panel! lets make this happen! :) gratzi!

how deep is your build?
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Post by ChrisR »

Interested in a PCB & chip. Sound is very nice! :yay:
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Post by Citisyn »

I'd be interested in a PCB and chip.
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Post by aladan »

I'm interested in a chip+board but not a panel, maybe two - any rough guess on price?
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