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A6 Andromeda Calibration with Silent Way

Discussion and support for Expert Sleepers' Silent Way software and hardware.

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A6 Andromeda Calibration with Silent Way

Post by Infrablue »

This morning I got the Andromeda to calibrate with the Silent Way Voice Controller.

It was terribly exciting, also due to it being the first time I've calibrated anything at all with Silent Way and it really is amazing that it works this well. 7 octaves calibrated just perfectly. It was a little tricky, but only due to certain things about the Andromeda it's self.

With these tips and info it will Calibrate easily and consistently:

The A6 has only 2 CV in's: OSC and Filter. They can internally modulate a few more things but this is the main direction.

As there is no Gate CV in for the A6, midi or another trigger is needed for the A6 to even make a sound. I just kept a key down (sustain works too). You could also just send the Gate in the Voice Controller to a SW CV to midi and then to the synth. You can also just put a small piece of paper under 2 keys and over 1 between them to latch it on. LOL simple but a know way to just latch the A6 open for external input and for this as well.

The A6 oscillators respond quite differently to CV so the A6 needs to be in mono mode for this to work and stay with the same voice/osc.

For note/pitch accuracy you will need to set the Andromeda OSC to "1 pitch" mode. Otherwise every note played will multiply the calibration and it will be wrong. For 1 pitch mode, click Veiw on the used OSC and just turn it on.

Worth mentioning to run Auto Tune on the A6 just when on and after it fully warms ---- before the calibration.

There may be variation in which osc is targeted in future uses so recalibration may be needed per session. I'll report back later after testing this over time.

Here was my calibration today. Sounded great!

Silent Way Calibration Data
version: 1
52 -0.35992965
88 0.04925572
89 0.06069761
90 0.07213950
91 0.08358139
94 0.11790706
95 0.12935477

Recapping for CV to control pitch for actual notes:

Just 2 CV in's; no CV Gate.
A key must be currently held down to calibrate (midi or manually).
A6 must be in Mono mode.
A6 must be in 1 Pitch mode on the target oscillator.
Auto tune after a good warm up time before calibration.
May need to calibrate per session. Will update this later.


For non-note CV control, The CV Filter modulation, with Silent Way LFO for instance, works just great with mono mode or even fully poly mode, and each voice can have it's own response, filter type and filter tuning etc.

With the Filter and OSC CV the A6 will let you save per preset the depth/amount of modulation from Silent Way. From zero to full, and this can be modulated by the many modulations of the A6 and saved in the presets... Very power and interactive with Silent Way here mixing in a performance with external automations etc... my favorite use of Silent Way on the A6.

The OSC CV on the A6 does best with mono mode but for non calibrated stuff can work in poly mode. Just gets really chaotic... that can be fine of course if it's what you are after.

Some controllers on the A6 can send midi right back to Silent Way so you can just play right from the A6 keyboard and bring Silent Way magic right into a live expression.

Because of some limitations in the LFO of the Andromeda, the Silent Way enhances this synth INCREDIBLY... more so than I was prepared to hear! And I already truly loved the Andromeda.

I'll have some waves and maybe vids up in time and will definitely be showing on the A6 forum why Silent Way and Andromeda are a match made in heaven.

Thanks again, OS :) !

My son Jason on the Andromeda...

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Post by os »


Thanks for such a thorough post.
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Post by Gameboy »

Thanks alot!
Can't wait to try it next Week!

:tu: :banana:
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Post by Gameboy »

Hi Infrablue

Thanks for your post.

I'm beginer with the Silent Way Plugin and i have some Questions.

For the Note CV:
Can you please make a screenshot of your Voice Controller Plugin. There are many knobs to Set. Just Pitch Knob to 1.00 and thats it?

For the Filter CV:
You only load the LFO Plugin on a Channel routed to the A6 CV. No other Setting needed right? Is the CV Signal for the Filter always the same for any Synthesizer? I remember that on my Korg MS 20 i had to know the 1V/Oct or Hz/V. to Controll Pitch. Is this only on Pitch Signals?

Thanks for the Help.

PS: If you want to try the Analog Dessert Editor for the A6 i can highli recommend it. It works. If you are with FL_Studio and Reaper its perfect. I'm with Cubase but i had some Successes with Rewiring Reaper into Cubase 9! :D
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