Beta Users - details / conditions

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Beta Users - details / conditions

Post by __ag » Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:25 pm

Hello all!

to help avoiding me clarifying this points every time, here's a sticky post with all clarifications about being an ADDAC Beta User

so, all modules involve a huge amount of time in pre-testing, prototyping and production.
as soon as i have my proof of concept i start working on the first real working unit, normally i did only one but some people are as enthusiastic as me about some modules they don't mind waiting knowing that they'll have the first units...

so i changed this "first prototype" method and started making 5 units instead of just 1, allowing 4 more people to get the very first units, only after this step i'll start working on bigger batches which will lead to 2 extra months until new units are available...

with that said, for these first small BETA batches this is how i do it:

being the first modules coming out they may be different from the final version.

i guarantee that the module is fully working even if there's some hard wired corrections in it's guts.

although estimated time for dellivery is around 2 months, i will not guarantee any delivery date (sometimes pcbs have errors that are impossible to solve which increases the dellivery times, this is impossible for me to predict)

payment is made in advance and it'll be at least 20% cheaper than the estimated production module price.

pre-payment is not refundable.

i think that's pretty much it,

all the very best

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