Synthwerks, LLC is no more.

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Be sure to look into MANUFACTURER SUB-FORA as well..
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Synthwerks, LLC is no more.

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it is official now, Synthwerks, LLC is no longer in business. I, Steve Turnidge, and Brad Marvin started the company on 1/19/2010 in my house, in the basement. We officially cancelled our business license. The three of us would like to thank all of those who bought our gear over the years, and hope you are still using them and enjoying them. If you have any problems with them, don't hesitate to contact me with questions. I have some parts that will go to auction sites eventually, and some PCBs and front panels for the more obscure modules. I of course have a bunch of modules in my personal rig.

We three would again, sincerely like to thank all those who journeyed with us on this trip.

James Husted - Synthwerks, LLC - - -
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Always looking to trade for Doepfer P6 cases
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Re: Synthwerks, LLC is no more.

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Thanks, James! I have a number of your modules, and they stand up to abuse like nothing else. Also incredibly useful. You really had a way of finding a unique niche where there was a need. You'll be missed.
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Re: Synthwerks, LLC is no more.

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Love my Synthwerks modules. Thanks for your important contributions.
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Re: Synthwerks, LLC is no more.

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So sad to see another small but special company fall by the wayside. :'( :eurosmoke: :rip: :ghost:

Good luck with all your future endeavors!
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Re: Synthwerks, LLC is no more.

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You had a great run. Good luck with whatever comes next!
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Re: Synthwerks, LLC is no more.

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Love your stuff, it will continue to be used for years and years in my rack and the racks of many others, surely.
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