Taking a break from June....

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Taking a break from June....

Post by BugBrand »

I realised I'd not put a note here! I announced it via the mailing list & have a little note on the website.. Many of you know already.

From June (or so) I will be taking an extended break from regular production - length is currently unspecified but will be months.

One of the catalysts is that Jas(mine), who's been my great assistant for 4years, is now going fully self-employed doing her music & 16mm visual works - so while I'm going to be really sad to see her go, I'm super excited for her to be launching into the wild world of self-employment.

Alongside this, I've been putting off building works here at Bugs HQ for years.. I want to push a fair amount of stuff forward before I try to get a new assistant.

As such, I'm pausing production for some while & am scheduling & tying up final orders already.
There won't be much more in the way of reds - out of boards for several designs (SComp, COFilter) so these will only be re-ordered once I'm back to the regular.
Still reasonable stocks of built blues but there are some pinch points including frames (restock late May) and the 15mm knobs I've recently started using.

So, by no means ending, but taking a break!
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Re: Taking a break from June....

Post by northerntao »

Good luck Tom - cya when you resurface! Thanks for the Grilles reissue Jas! And probably soldering bits of stuff in my Bug frames.
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Re: Taking a break from June....

Post by kosta »

Enjoy the break, Tom, and all the best in the new chapter, Jas.
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Re: Taking a break from June....

Post by ClausF »

Same from here!
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