Happy Nerding 2XSAM as expander for Xaoc Praga

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Happy Nerding 2XSAM as expander for Xaoc Praga

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Both of these modules have chainable inputs and outputs on the back... I had wondered if they could be combined this way, and the answer is yes.

The Xaoc connector has 6 pins, spaced just like a Euro power connector; I scoped out the output connector and determined that the bottom two pins are the right channel, the second two up are ground, and the last two are the left channel. On the SAM, the red wire is the right channel, white is ground, a the black is the left channel. Knowing this it is a simple matter to wire a 10-pin power connector to the HN cable to connect the two together, as shown below.


This arrangement lets me mix a pair of stereo signals (from Clouds or Rings) with four panned mono channels.[/img]
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