Make Noise Morphagene - Button Combos Cheatsheet

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Make Noise Morphagene - Button Combos Cheatsheet

Post by fourhexagons »

Hey all,

After making that Malekko Voltage Block Scales Cheatsheet yesterday, I decided it was time to make one for the Morphagene's button combos.
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Post by kylverstone »

Nice, thank you. Very clear cheat sheet!
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Post by danishchairs »

Very nice, fourhexagons. :yay:

Thank you!
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Post by chorus7 »

Amazing :hail: thank you!

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Post by BonJoey »

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Post by BlackMarbleFelix »

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Post by buzzbuzz »

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Post by Ptbarnum »

Nice! Thanks again
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Post by issa4444 »

meow :yay:
i s s a 4 4 4 4
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Post by gonner »

Maybe I need to buy another one.
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Post by mayyammay »

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Post by Bomauch »

This is so helpful!! Thank you.
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Post by Fiddlestickz »

nice work, can I ask at the risk of sounding stupid, the arrows.. you push that button first and the one it's pointing to second..?
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Post by fourhexagons »

gonner wrote:Maybe I need to buy another one.
Ha. If it weren't for you, gonner I wouldn't have a Morphagene.
Fiddlestickz wrote:nice work, can I ask at the risk of sounding stupid, the arrows.. you push that button first and the one it's pointing to second..?
That's correct. And the clock means that you hold as long as you want. The 3 means hold for three seconds.

And for anyone who's curious, the purpose here is to be a cheatsheet for the full descriptions in the manual, so it's expected that you read the manual and familiarize yourself with it all first. Then just use this as a quick reminder in the heat of the moment 'til you no longer need to.
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Post by Acquadar »

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Post by ModusOp »

This rocks! Kudos, fourhexagons!
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Post by Jericho »

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Post by spencewilder »

Yep, +1 on the heartfelt thanks. He said, comment-grinding his way to Common Wiggler status.
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Post by Footkerchief »

I don't have a Morphagene, but this is super helpful for understanding how complex the interface is. Thanks!
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Post by 3D_PIPES »

Thx for this!
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Post by esotericmetal »

Just got one of these and this cheat sheet is a godsend. Thanks!
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Post by sb »

Thanks Dude...super useful !
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Post by lud »

Just printed this, will be very useful - thank you!
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Post by Nolan Dialta »

Great job. Thanks!
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