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New semi-modular synthesizer

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Common Wiggler
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Post by ocs »

Huge Nozoïd promotion!
Thanks to the success of the Nozori Kickstarter campaign, I have to make room on my shelves. You can buy a semi-modular OCS-2 or MMO-3 synthesizer with 20% off with the promo code "nozori". This code is valid until the end of the nozori kickstarter campaign.

There are also many other goals in the nozori campaign:

This is a unique chance to get many eurorack modules in a 12U package at a great price.
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Nelson Baboon
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Re: New semi-modular synthesizer

Post by Nelson Baboon »

i sometimes get restless and sell stuff, and then some time later realize that i really miss those things.

Foremost in that list from the last few years has been the Nozoid synths. Why did I sell them? I just can't remember. I remember nothing but positive things...

in any case, i found an incredible deal on a used ocs-2, which arrived this afternoon. Damn. just fantastic. most analog in feel of any pure digital synth i've ever used. I'm sure that an analog fanatic would argue about the sound, but i'm talking more about the feel of the instrument - the fluidity of the modulations, and the fluidity of the gastronomical excesses that it generates on a ketogenic diet.

I wound up ordering the mmo-3 again, new, on credit, after swearing that I wouldn't use credit cards ever again.
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