Don Buchla has passed from this life.

Buchla, Serge, Studio.h, Northern Light Modular, Keen Assoc., 1979, Vedic Scapes, etc. Banana systems
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Don Buchla has passed from this life.

Post by ZenMusic »

Don Buchla who has been in Hospice for the last months, has passed from this life.
Don was 79. Perhaps we can post in this thread, best memories and experiences with Don and his musical instruments.

Thinking especially of dear Nannick, Ezra, family and friends. (Thanks to Rick and Sarah).

There will never be another Don Buchla. Best wishes for your next adventure my friend. Thank you for this one.

Everything Ends Here


Alessandro Cortini & Don Buchla, performing the piece "everything ends here", from Blindoldfreak's 1st EP, 1.

NY Times Obituary

Memorial planned
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Post by Trilo »

Don Buchla has become one of my inspirational archetypes.

Sad to hear this.

His light shines on and his ripples expand infinitely.
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Post by Dcramer »

:woah: :waah: :hail: :cry:
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Post by djangosfire »

RIP Don Buchla - Thank you for the inspiration, ideas, concepts, innovation, and beautiful art that you shared with us.
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Post by J3RK »

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Post by zapp550 »

Really sad news, always inspired whenever I was lucky enough to play on one of his designs :waah:
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Post by authorless »

I will always be thankful for his vision and ideology in synthesizer design. My world would have been drastically different without him.
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Post by Igorianych »


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Post by wavecircle »

R.I.P Don.

Instagram: (lots of Serge)

Ciat Lonbarde stuff from many moons ago:
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Post by cebec »

Rest in peace, Don! We'll miss you!

Sending my condolences to friends and family.
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Post by tIB »

So sorry to read this. Thanks Don, my thoughts are with your loved ones.
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Post by MindKind »

R.I.P Don :buchla: :sad:
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Post by 37 »

Very sad.

He leaves a great legacy.
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Post by alt-mode »

Very sad.
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Post by snaper »

Can't believe...
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Post by Eurocat »

Ah man.. RIP Mr. Buchla You did great things sir.
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Post by captnapalm »

wow. so many greats we've lost this year.

Post by JohnLRice »

:waah: R.I.P., thank you for all your great synth contributions, Don! :zen: :zen: :zen:
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Post by pre55ure »

So sad,
Thank you for your contributions.
My best thoughts to all whom you cared about.
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Post by vytis »

What a sad news!

Rest in peace Mr Buchla. Condolences to Don's loved ones.

I am playing some Buchla bongos on my eurorack system tonight. The fact that LPGs and complex oscillators have become the heart of so many setups in just about every format says a lot about Don Buchla's legacy. Not to mention all the great records that have been made on Buchla systems! :hail:

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Post by Guidotoons »

I am so very sorry to hear this news.

Don was a major contributor to my life in so many ways.

I will forever be indebted to him and all the others who designed the instruments that became the tools of my life.

Au revoir, Don.
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Post by xpander »

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Post by dysonant »

Oh man, this is sad. Such a mind and talent that inspired so many.
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Post by ignatius »

wow. RIP Mr. buchla. thanks for all the synths and circuits and inspiring musicians w/your creations.
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Post by de_raaf »

rip don sad, best wishes to family and friends, and everyone he inspired
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