Valhalla Space Modulator

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Valhalla Space Modulator

Post by pulse_divider »

If you've bought plugins from Valhalla DSP in the past, log into your account and there's an offer for a free new plugin, Space Modulator, if you complete a survey.
The survey was painless and the plugin is awesome! Short delays with thru zero modulation :sb:
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Post by Kaput »

It is absolutely amazing. Can't honestly believe that Sean decided to give us this for free. :guinness: :sb:
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Post by ignatius »

it's a stellar plug in. valhalla = quality. space modulator is great. so much range. does more than what i expected. nice presets too!

Post by pulse_divider »

Really, really happy with this. I would definitely pay for it.
I noticed one of the presets is called "index of metals", isn't that a user here?
Great job Sean, you have a customer for life!
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Post by mat1 »

I wonder if new customers get it too?? Might have to join the gang
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Post by kwaidan »

pulse_divider wrote:Really, really happy with this. I would definitely pay for it.
I noticed one of the presets is called "index of metals", isn't that a user here?
Great job Sean, you have a customer for life!
"Index of Metals" is a reference to a Fripp and Eno ambient composition.
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Post by seancostello »

mat1 wrote:I wonder if new customers get it too?? Might have to join the gang
If you own a Valhalla plugin that you have brought directly from Valhalla DSP, you can take the survey and get SpaceModulator. This applies to current and future customers.

Sean Costello
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Post by x2mirko »

That's an awesome way to get people to fill out a survey :tu:

Also reminded me that i still wanted to buy the rest of the valhalla plugins. Done! :deadbanana:
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Post by ipassenger »

I hate survey's and online forms, so online forms are seriously high on my hate list....however Sean's stuff is nothing short of amazing, so needed to be done. :)

Haven't tried it yet but it looks cool and looking forward to giving it a whirl.

As said above, a great way to get people to fill it in and a great way to look after your customers, fantastic! Thank you Sean.
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Post by grillo »

Whoa I didn't know about it, go and get it, it's really really good.

:nana: :nana:
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Post by cebec »

So good, Sean, thanks!
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Post by Xmit »

jst grabbed this today - looks ace. Cheers Sean - top man. :guinness:
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Post by VomitFlowers »

Survey was painless and the plugin is great, had a lot of fun with it last night - thank you!
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Post by SB-SIX »

I had a hard time choosing my spirit animal but the rest was painless indeed. Thanks for the free plug!
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Post by a100user »

Just downloaded and tried with a basic string machine patch - rich, wild, bonkers but so, so beautiful.

Thank you Sean, yet another superb plug-in
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Post by dave_samuels »

incredible sounds. as per. perfect complement to ubermod. tried it out earlier was on a journey thru the 80s and on into uncharted lands of flange. haven't even started chaining a million instances into feedback networks which is my usual approach to getting weird noise from Valhalla plugs

GUI made me smile as well. abstracted vintage rack gear. algorithms / tuning paradigm just works so well.
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Post by metalbox »

Thanks Sean!! I also enjoyed the humor in the survey :hihi:
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Post by jonne74 »

I bought Vintage Verb some time ago, but I didn't know I have a login.

Edit: That was fast support! Thanks!
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Post by Stark Ravine »

Valhalla plugs are high on my list of favorites. Very high quality at very reasonable cost. Love the freebies. Please keep up the great work & thanks Sean!
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