Hacking the Microbe META - a wavetable LFO

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Be sure to look into MANUFACTURER SUB-FORA as well..
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Hacking the Microbe META - a wavetable LFO

Post by Jcsveth »

I have a few alternate firmwares for the Microbe Meta Sequencer and I think this one is working pretty well. It is an interrupt driven LFO which uses a wave table. The waveform's midpoint can be offset left or right (causing, for instance, the triangle wave to become a sawtooth (skewed left 100%) through to a ramp (skewed right 100%) - or do I have that backwards? I generate the wavetables in the software and have included:

Triangle - again from saw to ramp
Square - the offset controls the pulse width
Sinusoidal - the offset does some odd shaping
A Fast attack, slow decay waveform made up of sinusoidal quarters
A Slow attack, fast decay shape again made up of sinusoidal quarters
And a random mode

The output level can also be adjusted in volts.
The RST input/PB resets the waveform and the CLK input/PB disables the output when high/pressed.

Attached are the .PDF and .hex files for your enjoyment. If it does not automatically go into the reset routine on loading, you must hold the reset button down on power up before using the unit the first time. This will completely erase the previous firmware including your settings for the sequencer. To return to the sequencer, you must recompile the code from the software repository and upload it to the unit. Please be familiar with this before changing the firmware. You do have to have a programmer and knowledge of downloading to an Atmel processor to apply this firmware. I would advise compiling and downloading the existing software first to prove out your toolchain before loading mine.
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Post by Dogma »

Wicked man. What a great little sequencer....Im into flip-flop type lfo's or find them rhythmically interesting - can you work those in?
look up!
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Post by Jcsveth »

Hmmm. I do not know what a flip/flop LFO is but if it requires two outputs, this unit ain't got it. If it requires two inputs and one output - describe it and I'll add it into the code (if I can).
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Post by kurodama »

Was about time that somebody made an alternate firmware for this little beasty!
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