Dinsync Modseq mod for audio rate

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Dinsync Modseq mod for audio rate

Post by jgb »

Dinsync Modseq, what a lovely module!

But... clocking it at rates > 200Hz... nope. Could not do. Unless... connect a resistor (I used a 100KOhm) from pin 15 (reset) to pin 8 (ground) on the counter chip (CD4017) and voila, no problem clocking it at least up to 1700Hz (have not tested higher frequencies).

Obvious usage is using it as suboscillator or similar. :) Sounds great!

(I have talked to phono1337/Paul Barker) regarding this mod, he could not see any problem with it)
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Post by phono1337 »

nice mod :tu:
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