Zorlon Cannon MKII - Firmware rewrite work

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Post by Jamisnemo »

Well, I just got word back from Scott saying that he's okay with me releasing the final hex file for this work!

He's not okay with the rest of the hardware specifications being shared, however.

I'll post about it over in the Harvestman subforum because this is no longer, really, a DIY project for the community...

Here's that thread: viewtopic.php?p=1706637
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Post by wsy »

Somehow, this bothers me deeply, on every front.

If the module is patented, okay; nobody else can make one without a license (or risk getting sued for treble damages, which the
courts have on occasion held to be gross value of transactions times three).

If the software or board layout is copyrighted, that's still OK, new software doesn't infringe on the old software (it's a new implementation) and
new boards aren't being fabricated; it's still Harvestman hardware that Harvestman built and Harvestman got paid for.

But it does mean that knowing how to fix the unit is ... well, forbidden knowledge. So is improving the Zorlon Cannon Mk II, improving
the UI, anything like that....

That bothers me immensely. In fact, it bothers me enough to not want a Zorlon Cannon Mk II.

If someone at Harvestman could respond, I'd greatly appreciate it.

- Bill
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