Discussion of modular and standalone video generating/processing techniques and associated hardware.
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Although they didn't do video synthesis, I thought I'd mention this here.

The Videofreex were a collective of video makers back in the 70s that started in NYC and moved up to the Catskills. They were probably one of the most well known of the various video groups back in those days, and among other things created "Lanesville TV", the world's smallest TV station (pirate TV of course).

Some film makers are doing a documentary about them and trying to raise money through Kickstarter to restore many of the old video tapes the Freex made.

I spent a month living at their house, and 6 months living a couple of miles up the road from them before I joined up with the Experimental TV Center.

While they didn't do synthesis directly, they did help support it by organizing a monthly group phone call between various designers and engineers around NY state. Here's a picture of us when we got together at the Videofreex house one weekend. Richard Monkhouse was visiting that weekend, but he stayed hidden in the picture.

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Post by Matos »

That's awesome. Some fascinating history right there. Will hit the kickstarter on payday.
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Post by revmutt »

Wow that is a great photo.
Makes me miss the Public Access of the time.
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Awesome photo!! You guys look like you're having a great time. Thanks for sharing.
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Post by numan7 »

:woah: what a hairy bunch you were!

:hmm: the photo made me think of firesign theater for some reason... do you happen to recall what was in the bottle that carl geiger was holding above your head, dave?

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Post by daverj »

It was undoubtedly some type of beer. (Budweiser?) The guys in the front have a couple of them too.

And I suspect that's my arm holding it. I was probably toasting whatever the two Chucks were laughing about.
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seems like a very worthy kickstarter!
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Post by snufkin »

love the Videofreex !
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