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Post by clwilla »

Does anyone know if IME is going to be manufacturing more of the Polivoks modules?

Been looking for a V2. VCG for a minute. Every time it’s looked like I might have a chance at one, it turns out to be false hope. I have the VCF, ADSR/VCA, and Polivoks Modulator. Just wanting to complete the voice.
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Re: Polivoks….

Post by jwm »

you def don't see the v2 very much, and given the way things are going now, it seem highly unlikely we'll see more any time soon...

that said, if you really wanna complete the voice and don't absolutely need a v2, you can still get a v1 as NOS from analoguehaven when they reopen on the 17th. i don't know that theres much difference between the two in terms of function, but perhaps someone else can speak to that...
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Re: Polivoks….

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