Bugcrusher 08 Power supply

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Bugcrusher 08 Power supply

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I've got a Bugcrusher 08 power supply 12v AC 300ma that I've been using to power my RIngMod box but it's US voltage and it looks like I'm staying back in the British Isles for the foreseeable future so I want to change over a UK power supply. Tom, what adaptor do you recommend? Lighter the better as I'm making a pedalboard to go with my electric piano and the bug ring mod is so good with it (also the PT Delay & COF).

I thought I'd put the query here so that the info would be searchable.
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Re: Bugcrusher 08 Power supply

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I've probably got a spare as I've had a box of old AC supplies sat 'just in case'.
I haven't looked at availability of AC supplies for a good few years but know they have become increasingly hard to find, so I've not got a currently available suggestion.
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