CGS Serge Preamp Detector w/ Comparator Mod

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CGS Serge Preamp Detector w/ Comparator Mod

Post by srfnsmy » Mon Feb 22, 2021 11:54 pm

Looking for a way to add the Comparator/Gate section of the STS Animate PRNV to the CGS504 Preamp Detector. Ive been told that STS uses a NCOM pcb for this, but maybe there is something simpler I could whip up on breadboard for this? ... e.html?m=0

"[The PRNV includes the following mod for this panel:

"There is an on-board Comparator with a variable 'Threshold' control, now included in the Preamp with the input available to any audio signal OR CV control signal for creating gates, triggers or square wave signals from any source in the system."]"

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