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Post by hollunderkurve »

I stumbled upon one of these in the depths of the internet and went for it... I know I have seen/heard that a number of buggers here have the crusher module in the old blues (a rarity it seems)- but who has one of these things? what ways have people explored it? any tips/tricks/suggestions? :party:

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Re: BugCrusher...

Post by tIB »

I had one - was nice at crunching drums iirc!
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Re: BugCrusher...

Post by soup »

I no longer have a μCrusher but have a workshop crusher which I think is kind of the same? The workshop crusher into the COF has long been my go to effects chain on my sampler, very easy to add harmonics like older lo-fi samplers but at the frequencies you want. It does help having a filter after to tame/emphasize.

I've dreamt of having one with cv control to do stepped harmonic aliasing things.
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