Klavis - Twin Waves MK II - Dual VCO/LFO/Random

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Klavis - Twin Waves MK II - Dual VCO/LFO/Random

Post by Zentek »

Why a MKII version?
Over time, thanks to user's feedback, numerous firmware upgrades enriched the Twin Waves features set.
Attempting to go beyond its Swiss-knife versatility by software-only additions would break its user-friendliness.

If for one, a weakness of the original Twin Waves is that it didn't reveal its full potential by the unassuming appearance of its front panel.
The few physical controls available deserved its true value.
It was time for a needed and ultimately useful improvement !

Klavis - Twin Waves MKII - high res.JPG

The Twin Waves MK II
What is kept and what is new?
  • Same width (8hp)
  • Same msrp (229€ / USD249)
  • All TW v1 capabilities and features retained
  • Three dedicated modulation gain pots
  • Semi-modular cross-section patching
Whereas the original Twin Waves required +/-5V to benefit from full scale modulation, the new version requires less and has gain knobs for all 3 modulation inputs.
These gain knobs are even more beneficial given that a normalling of the outputs to the other section's modulation input(s) allows creative results without requiring extra patching.
This offers an easy and creative access to "complex oscillator" fun and cross modulation craziness..
Using the outputs does not break their normalling; this avoids using a "multiple" when the output signal should go both inside and outside the module.
The dedicated Square1 output of the first oscillator is normalled to the global sync/clock input. This allows synchronizing the second oscillator both for audio and LFO/random purposes.

Thanks to a complete electromechanical redesign, and despite 3 additional pots, the new Twin Waves electronics fits on a single board instead of two previously. This simplification allowed keeping the same attractive price as the original version.

Twin Waves MK II - Full feature set

  • Two oscillators independently set as VCO, LFO or random
  • Features in VCO mode:
    • V/Oct tracking over 10 octaves
    • Through zero and linear FM
    • Sub-octave output
    • Hard & soft synchronization
    • VCA control and CV algorithm selection
    • Quantizer with various scales
    • Algorithm-based synthesis to choose among:
      • Wave shaping
      • Phase modulation
      • Phase positioning of multiple waves
      • 5 stacked oscillators with unison detune
      • Self-sync with phantom oscillator
      • Additive synthesis (7 waves)
      • Variable bit reduction (bit-crushing)
      • Ring modulator with its own 2nd oscillator
      • Noise with LPF, BPF, or resonant VCFs
  • Features in LFO mode:
    • Simultaneous signal and cycle trigger outputs
    • External wave synchronization/restart
    • Clock controlled rate with CV multiplier and divider
    • CV and knob control of output level
    • Algorithm based wave engine with a selection of:
      • Wave shaping
      • Phase modulation
      • Random levels and vectors (also Brownian)
      • Randomly spaced/warped triggers and waves
    • Display with contextual icons and instant reminder help text
    • LEDs indicating potentiometer vs. value matching, switch settings and output signals
    • Automatically saved settings for instant recall at power on
    • Firmware update via a simple audio file

    Technical specifications***
    Fundamental frequency range in VCO mode10Hz to 10KHz = over 10 octaves
    VCO audio range (incl. harmonics)DC to 20KHz
    LFO frequency range (internal / external clocking)2 minutes to 2KHz / several days to 2KHz
    Input and output conversion 16-bit ADCs, 24-bit 96KHz DACs
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Re: Klavis - Twin Waves MK II - Dual VCO/LFO/Random

Post by lisa »

Nice gains (!) to an already nice module. Well done! 🙂
New track! Our first release in a year and a half. Mostly based on the TINRS Fenix IV. :godzilla:

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Re: Klavis - Twin Waves MK II - Dual VCO/LFO/Random

Post by Dennis »

yes! finally i can get the missing 2 oscillators for my chord section :-)
well done!
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Re: Klavis - Twin Waves MK II - Dual VCO/LFO/Random

Post by matttech »

:woah: :woah: :woah: In stock as we speak!
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Re: Klavis - Twin Waves MK II - Dual VCO/LFO/Random

Post by banedox »

So I just picked up one of these i believe used from a local ship in NYC. It is sitting in my rack as we speak, right now. How do i make sure everything is as it should be and is updated to newest firm ware?
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Re: Klavis - Twin Waves MK II - Dual VCO/LFO/Random

Post by LordKrud »

I really love this module. I wonder if there will ever be a bigger oscillator to follow up. Something with even more modulation possible. I would grab one so fast!
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