EML-101 and EML-100 V/Oct mod PCBs and kits now available

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EML-101 and EML-100 V/Oct mod PCBs and kits now available

Post by belltones » Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:51 pm

So I just put the PCB and kit I designed for an ElectroComp EML 101 and EML 100 V/Octave conversion mod up for sale, was doing a Google search to see if it had been indexed yet and found a thread on Muffs from a few years ago where people were talking about wanting such a mod... so I thought I'd post here to tell anyone who is interested that such a mod is now available for DIY.

The thing that I think is special about my take on this mod, and what made it worth turning into a "product," is that it is 100% invisible (both visually and functionally). Other people's approaches either require drilling a hole in the panel and adding a new switch to turn the mod on and off (because you must select whether the original keyboard CV, or the output of the scaling circuit, is being fed into the expo converter) or permanently changing the way the second voice behaves when no external V/Oct CV is being sent in. Mine uses multiplexed switching to accomplish this switching task "behind the scenes" when an external CV is plugged into the jack, also allowing it to function 100% normally when nothing is plugged in. It can also be disabled by adding a single jumper to the PCB without having to uninstall it, should you ever get an EML-400 and want to devote your second voice to that!

Read the details on my bloggyosite (and maybe buy one) here: Bell Tone Synth Works: EML 100/101 V/Octave Conversion

ALSO, I am looking for a "beta tester" of sorts for the EML-100 version. Basically I would send you the PCB or kit for free in exchange for you sending me back photos of it installed that I can use for the instructions. I have instructions with lots of photos for both -101 versions but haven't had a 100 come into the workshop lately to get photos done. DM if interested!

Also feel free to reply here if you have any questions about the mod.

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Post by leeski » Fri Aug 16, 2019 5:35 am

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