Rhythmic row in blue and red

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Rhythmic row in blue and red

Post by BananaPlug »

I've been working on a row of rhythmic stuff and having a hard time keeping it small and "organic" for lack of a better word. This morning I found something that's not too bad.
DRM1 for gravitas, monotonous plucky sound from 2/3 of Weevil, echoing accents from a Utility VCO and Wavefolder. DDSR runs it.
This replaces an old post that didn't gain any traction. Recycling!
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Post by T. Jervell »

Cool sounds!! :party:
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Post by chrisdermo »

That's a neat frame, and really awesome sounds :party:
Have had a similar thing going with syn1 and ddsr recently. Great thing about those older modules is your can cram more functionality into less space!
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