Sequential Circuits TOM Power Supply?

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Sequential Circuits TOM Power Supply?

Post by KyleRodriguez » Thu Mar 18, 2021 4:03 pm

Hi everyone!

I just picked up a beautiful Sequential Circuits TOM that's in absolute stellar condition! Unfortunately the original owner misplaced the power supply and so I'm on the hunt. Turns out they're much rarer than I would have hoped, barring paying nearly $200 for a clone from Wine Country. All respect to them, I'm sure it's a great unit! Just a little out of my price range.

I was hoping someone here might might have a lead on finding one. I found this post on the Tubbutec website and it looks like he was able to make one. Not sure if there are any spares lying around, but would be more than happy to buy it off your hands. Any lead on a power supply for this thing would be such a huge help!

Thanks so much and hope to talk soon!

All my best,

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Re: Sequential Circuits TOM Power Supply?

Post by tubbutec » Fri Mar 19, 2021 7:00 am

You are not the first one to ask, seems to be a common issue.
Unfortunately I don't have any documentation. I measured the pinout of the connector and built an adapter from a 2x AC transformer. You can also use 2 AC adapters. It needs to be AC not DC and it needs to be 2 separate AC voltages (they might have a common ground, I don't remember).
No idea of the voltage either, maybe 12V AC?

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