Juno 66 - POLY2 mode feature request

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Juno 66 - POLY2 mode feature request

Post by dybinski » Wed Feb 17, 2021 9:15 pm

Hi. I have been a happy owner of Juno66 for a year, swapped Juno 106 in my setup for it.
It is a great synthesizer, especially with the Juno66 mod installed, however, from the very beginning I miss the feature available on the Juno 106 front panel - POLY2 mode. I used it a lot in my style of playing.

In short, this mode allowed for a different logic in disposing of synthesizer voices. In POLY1 mode (the default and the only one for Juno 60), the synthesizer voices play from 1 to 6 and then over again. In POLY2 mode, each new chord played had the synthesizer voices distributed again from the first one. Thanks to this, when playing four-voice chords with a high release time, we could completely overwrite the previous chord by playing the next one. POLY2 mode was originally implemented in the Juno 106 to help play with polyphonic portamento (which was new at the time) enabled.
It would be wonderful to have access to this mode via the Juno66 mod.

I do not know if this will help, but from what I know, the POLY2 mode is already implemented in the original Juno60, but it is only available in the service mode (in the service manual it is called NON-ROTARY MODE).

I will be extremely happy if you can implement the above functionality. I will be looking for software updates from you.
Thanks ;)
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