DAEDSound.com "Disturbo DS1" Orgasm Oscillator Mod

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DAEDSound.com "Disturbo DS1" Orgasm Oscillator Mod

Post by legionhwp » Sun May 28, 2017 10:22 am

I've been making these for a few years now but somehow never did a guitar demo for a guitar pedal :hihi:

Of course you can use this on synths and drum machines and vocals, but here's an example of just the one mod on guitar:

This is just a demo of the Orgasm Oscillator Mod which adds a kind of octave/synth tone to the pedal. It can also self oscillate (pedal theremin baby!) or be tamed a bit (boo!) into a monster Fuzz.


The full "Disturbo DS1" includes two other toggle modifications including the "Phone Booth" (kind of a high pass glitching filter" and the "Hot Sauce" which is a total 8Bit/gated Fuzz decimator type thang. Painful guitar demos for those forthcoming :guinness:

Info and ordering " Info@DAEDsound.com, head to the web page or Facebook or PM me here if you'd like!
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