Combo Laptop / Modulars using ES-9

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Combo Laptop / Modulars using ES-9

Post by pjusk » Tue May 04, 2021 10:38 am

Hi guys! My first post here. I am currently tumbling down the modular rabbit hole and have so far purchased a Morphagene and ordered Beads and ES-9. My main motivation is actually being able to patch the modulars into Ableton Live (and back) using the ES-9. This is probably considered sacrilege to a lot of modular converts, but being able to play live with stems from Ableton and into the modular realm (also using CV Tools) sounds like a dream come true.

Anyone out there with any experience combining laptop / modulars or have some thoughts about what to include in this setup? Am I relying too heavily on the laptop side of things?

Take care.

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