207 Intuitive quantizer questions

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207 Intuitive quantizer questions

Post by Dadodetres » Wed Apr 21, 2021 9:54 am

Im interested in a quantizer with some specs, and after reading the 207 manual I still dont understand if it can be done or not.

-The first is to have 2 voices tune to a "6th" scale interval below appart. Im doing it with audio with a T.C Electronic Quintessence. I need to select the Key, then the Sclale, then the interval, and in the interval I choose "-6th". So in C mayor, playing a C will give me a lower "E" note. The "-6th" will acomodate each note in the 2nd output to be in the selected scale. Usually being 7 or 8 semitones lower, depending on the note played and the sclae selected. This is different than having a fixed semitone interval. The "-6th" interval is just one example, as all possible ontervals would be great, but the "-6th" is the one I most use so its the one that will make me get the unit or not.

-Is it possible to have the 4 different channels to different set of notes? Lets say I want 1 voice to quantize to the whole scale, so I press all the notes available. But I want the 2nd voice to quantize only to 1st, 3rds and 5th. And I want the 3rd voice to quantize to just 2nd and 4rth one octave higher. Can each channel be configured different? Or the notes choosen are the same for all channels ?

thanks for the info!

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