addac 222 more precision needed

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addac 222 more precision needed

Post by Rastoboy » Sat Feb 27, 2021 2:14 am

What I'm trying to do is send triggers generated by Mutable Instruments Grids to my MPC to trigger drums there.

This works, I now realize a bit strangely, but sending the triggers to the 222 and adjusting the semitone knob so that they come in at the level of the "notes" that trigger the drums on the MPC. The problem is a total lack of precision--selecting the right note is often impossible--it will skip over notes, or skip way past them or even go the wrong direction. I have a Sweet Sixteen I tried to control the cv/oct input with with the same problem.

In the end, I think the problem is that as a human with these controls, it's simply impossible to send the precisely needed voltage to the 222 in order to select the right notes. I'm wondering if anyone knows any tools/techniques to get this done?

Unfortunately I don't have a synth with cv note out which I suppose would solve this problem. I did try sending notes via CV from the MPC itself and it had the same issue. so that makes me wonder if something else is going on. Any input would be appreciated!

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