PCB Stock News: 26th April 2021

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PCB Stock News: 26th April 2021

Post by Synthbuilder » Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:48 am

The following boards are temporarily out of stock:

Euro Dizzy

The Euro Dizzy should be back in late May.

The following board stocks are getting very low, ie. less than five:

COTA/SVF pot board (Euro)
Sequencer (Euro)
DLF (5U)
Discontinuity (5U)
EFG (5U)
Sample/Slew (5U)
Vintage Flanger

The following items have come to the end of their commercial life and will be discontinued once current stocks run out:

ASV (5U)
Discontinuity (5U)
Diode Superladder (5U)
Transistor Superladder (5U)
VRG (5U)

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