Dealing with imperfections

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Dealing with imperfections

Post by marugenji »

Do any of you get distressed about the little things that are 'wrong' with like every synth? I mean, I don't think I have one synth that is 'perfect'. Keys are not straight and at the same height, faders or knobs all have slightly different resistances, some buttons are a bit sticky or make different noises than the others when you press them, wobbly encoders and gritty feeling pots, things always a little out of alignment with the chassis or the chassis not quite square so the synth wobbles on the table a little, light bleed around screens and edges, slightly different color shades on two of the same synth, etc., etc. I try not to let this stuff bother me but it does... Sometimes I wish I didn't like hardware so much. Maybe I just need to take a break and go for a walk or something lol :deadbanana: ...
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Re: Dealing with imperfections

Post by vromr »

Art consists in struggle ;)
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Re: Dealing with imperfections

Post by unexpectedbowtie »

Imperfections don't bother me - I like the character differences with gear, and the idiosyncracies of process often inspire me rather than put me off. I do care when it's lazy or careless design or production mistakes though.... or when they fundamentally obstruct the creative side.
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Re: Dealing with imperfections

Post by timothyd4y »

I try to embrace all the wobbly gear bits as character. This also forgives the fact that I'm not very careful with my things and tend to dent and scratch everything around me.
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Re: Dealing with imperfections

Post by thelowerrhythm »

I recommend learning to paint. Unless you are a robot or a sociopath, it provides a lovely opportunity for the embracing of imperfection.
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Re: Dealing with imperfections

Post by bwhittington »

Honestly, I usually feel pretty blown away by the quality of what I receive, give or take the silkscreening on a Buchla module or two.

It may help to focus on what it is instead of what it isn't. "Wow, that wobbly pot sucks, but what a world we live in where people make these boutique items in their basement, or where near-slave labor brings me synth sounds cheap as chips", whichever applies to your purchase.
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Re: Dealing with imperfections

Post by Gribs »

I have different expectations depending on company for new things and statement of condition by the seller for used things.

A keyboard sold in any sort of “good” or better condition should never have a sticky key or malfunctioning control.

Small imperfections are just part of having used gear. Malfunctioning controls, keys, pads, etc. are not unless sold as having the issue.
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Re: Dealing with imperfections

Post by KSS »

Visual imperfections I absorb easily and quickly. I've made -and been involved in the making of- enough things to know how difficult it is to get every single one exactly perfect.

But functional quirks are more bothersome. Not quirks in the sense of this synth or gear workflow or details vs that one. Those still fall under the first level above.

But if one pot -or switch- of several is different -and its use and location on the panel is *not* different- then I'm likely to be bothered by it.

Fortunately I've got the skills tools and means to fix whatever it is in most all cases. But I can certainly co-miserate with those lacking that option.

On the other hand, I'm never impressed by or in line with those who find fault with 'everything' and anything. The ones who cannot accept that this is not a concours de elegance situation. Gear freaks like that just piss me off.
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Re: Dealing with imperfections

Post by Blairio »

In terms of build quality, I don't get upset unless there is a clear gap between the cost of a piece of kit and how it presents. I think managing expectations is a reasonable approach, especially when buying from small / boutique makers.

That said, some of my favourite bits of kit have come from smaller outfits. My Audiothingies Micromonsta MK2 is a wee gem of a synth, in terms of sound, build and design - and it costs the same as a mid-range guitar stomp box.
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Re: Dealing with imperfections

Post by chaocrator »

marugenji wrote: Fri Jan 14, 2022 1:36 pm Do any of you get distressed about the little things that are 'wrong' with like every synth?
not me.
that's why i study manuals before buying.
if i can't invent workarounds for imperfections — then it's just not my piece of gear.
if i can — i'm fine with them.
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Re: Dealing with imperfections

Post by unclebastard »

Either I've been lucky - none of my gear has visual or operational defects, or careful, because nothing has broken or worked loose. That said, I bought most of it new- I can't afford old synths ( to buy or maintain ), and the two second hand things, a Lexicon Vortex and Midisport 8x8, worked perfectly from day one. I know that, in time, parts will wear and break, and I'm prepared for that.
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Re: Dealing with imperfections

Post by cinnatoastg »

KSS wrote: Fri Jan 14, 2022 10:08 pm Visual imperfections I absorb easily and quickly…

But functional quirks are more bothersome…
This is about where I’m at. Cosmetic stuff I can get over, but when it comes to functionality or UI I’m a bit more picky.
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Re: Dealing with imperfections

Post by Kja »

I don't understand how you can expect things to be perfect.. someone made them..I don't understand the amount of self esteem it would take to expect everything they buy to be perfect.. especially when you have no idea of the profit margins. Is everything you do to perfection? Lol
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