Advice on analog mixer

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Advice on analog mixer

Post by Tajnost » Sat Sep 12, 2020 12:56 pm

I know it was discussed before here and there, but still I need an advice.

I'm looking for opinions on analog mixer for studio and live. My old Allen Heath Mix Wizard 20:8:2 is starting to show age - noisy pots and drop outs, impossible to play, too annoying... and small old Mackie 1202 is dead.

I want a mixer with nice preamps and saturation to experience some heat and character before DAW. A&H always sounded a bit too neutral and clean to me, ok but nothing more than that. Mackie sounded punchier, but more lo-fi. I'm definitely not interested in top notch sounding mic pres or surgical eqs, need a mixer for “punky” electronics, analog machines, modular, live techno etc with right analog character.

I worked without mixer for last years, using RME interface, which has really nice mixer, but despite it's very nice and handy, it's too sterile and doesn't give that sound even with post processing, at least it isn't as immediate as with hardware.

So I've got an offer for Midas Venice 160 in “new” condition, seems like a nice choice, had nice experience with it in clubs. Is it as cool for recording? How you record with it?

For recording I would like to have 8 assignable outputs (like assignable groups or post fader channel outs ) to feed into RME.

Any other solid options for around €1000? Like 8 mono / 4 stereo / 4 auxes would be ok.

New would be better probably, but I doubt any new console will deliver that alive and punchy sound.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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