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DIY builders for hire

Post by sempervirent »

Wanted to float the possibility of a thread for DIY builders who are up for building kits for others, doing custom commissions, etc.

Saw a thread from Waz offering services here and remembered the idea:
viewtopic.php?t=129782&sid=25ef0c7f19df ... dd9f4c44d2

I know there's been some support for this in the past so please post if you want to see this as a sticky, or if you want to build stuff for people.

If you want to build, it's probably not necessary to fill the thread with photos of meticulous point-to-point wiring – just include some brief info about your experience, what formats you like to build in, your location, compensation, etc.
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Post by abelovesfun »

I build mostly for myself but occasionally for others. My system is 5u, but I have built euro for others. I've been successful building MFOS, Barton, hexinverter, Motm, and CGS circuits.

Here is a link to some builds: ... blog-full/

And more here:

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Post by Altitude909 »

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Post by Neutron7 »

As a maker of a board and panel (orgone accumulator) I am very happy if builders build for non-bulders so they can have a product they could not otherwise not have. i could never build and sell modules myself and still work on new things.
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Post by Pfurmel »

Good idea. I'm happy to build for non-builders. I am based in Ireland, have a degree in electronics engineering and have been building and repairing synth related gear since '09.

If you look at the facebook link below, there are lots of examples of my work. I can do everything from kits to completely customised panels, enclosures and circuit design.
I can etch both pcb's and panels and I can layout pcb's and get a production run, if required.

It might be worth posting this in the general forum as more people not into diy will see it.

( updated a few details since people asked.)
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Post by Drakhe »

Not a builder myself, but might need one at some point, so here's a sugestion to builders for hire: do add your location as most folks looking to hire would most likely prefer folks local to where they live. Makes sence to keep transportation costs down, but it's also tons easier to have a guy close by should there be a need to adjust or repair stuff.
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Post by beeedy »

I am currently finishing up a degree in electrical engineering and have done a few commissioned builds and my entire system is DIY (either from schematics, bought boards, or my own complete designs) so I have seen or done just about all of it. I am comfortable doing analog, digital, and software design and would be interested in doing custom designed implementing any/all of these for anyone needed.

Getting down to it, cost is not a huge thing for me as I just enjoy building and helping fellow wiggles out. Most likely I will offer my service for free if I am already building the module you desire (this is highly unlikely timing wise!) but I am extremely flexible and willing to even do parts/module for service trade.

I am someone that is extremely obsessive over perfection and have access to high end lab equipment so all modules I build are tested and calibrated to high standards.

I am located in the US but have done work for people over seas so am not afraid of international shipping as long as you are willing to pay for shipping!

If you have any questions shoot me a PM and I can supply examples of my work of interests, I have built multiple Orgon modules, nearly all of MFOs, nearly all of hexinverter, sprinklings of CGS, and some mutable modules(Among many many more that escape meat the moment)! I really like the idea of this thread being stickied to help those that may not be confident enough in their DIY skills to get access to modules only available as schematics or boards!
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Post by beeedy »

*Sigh* double post :doh:
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Post by horstronic »

Great idea!
I've built a lot of eurorack modules for fellow wigglers all over europe and I would be very happy to gain some new customers! If you search for my username, you should find some feedback about my work.
I'm located in Mannheim, Germany.
Here's a list of modules that I've built over the past few months:

FC X-Envelope
FC Vogue VCF
fonitronik Controller LFO
fonitronik mh-21 Triple Vactrol Resonators
fonitronik X-4046 VCO
fonitronik 555 VCO
L-1 Quad VCA/Mixer
MA Mixer
MT Spring Reverb
MT Turing Machine incl. expanders
Neutron Sound Orgone Accumulator
RYO Optodist
Synthrotek EKO
Thomas White Quad LPG

I'm pretty sure I forgot about a few.
I'm not restricted to kits, so if you need custom stuff, just ask me.

Edit: Added a few...
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Post by rosch »

I've built some stuff for others and have had mostly good experiences. Only one time i had to deal with a true asshole prefab Jerk and that's been the case that has ruined the fun for me.

So in future I will make sure if I sell something it will go to a DIYer, and no commission work at all. Have better things to do.

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Post by valis »


I'm located in the US. I build mostly Buchla format modules but I build some MOTM as well. I've built just about every Roman module there is for fellow wigglers. I've also modified many modules to work in a Buchla format. I use good components and give all boards a nice wash. I've had lots of positive feedback!


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Post by sempervirent »

Nice one valis I almost sent you a PM about a Buchla 216r build but ended up passing it on.

Any other builders for hire out there?
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Post by Zergon »

I've built eurorack modules, shruthi, etc., I can make some stuff for the people. Located in Slovenia.

Here are some pics:
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Post by a.b.o.z. »

I also build for others, mostly guitar pedals and synth stuff also. Located in Croatia, happily waiting for orders. Cheers!
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Post by freestatefx »


- Module Assembly (MU, MOTM, eurorack, 4U)
- Panel Design and Silk Screening
- PCB Design

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority! Free State FX is a full time business not a part time hobby. Hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide.

Contact Jason Fry at
For pictures of our latest efforts please visit
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Post by Ebolatone »

I'm in LA and will build Roman Buchla clones. I also build on order the Buchla 100 series modules I've made available on my blog,
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Post by elmegil »

I'm in Chicago and I'll build just about anything.

I've done several builds for Synthcube, including a few Euro Klees. I've built Shruthi, x0xb0x, various MFOS items, several 5U and Euro modules. My last build was the attached Soundlab Ultimate (including the case), and I have a Soundlab MkII in progress right now.

I've also built a TTSH rev 1, have another to build for someone, and will be building a rev 2 soon as well.
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Post by tojpeters »

I build lots of Serge panels and can build anything you like.
I do custom panels also.
I use very high quality parts,lots of orange drop and mica caps,5$ op amps where it is useful.
Many mods available for most panels.
Years of experience.
Tube stuff,Hammonds and Rhodes refurbishing and mods.
I can make your Hammond control your synth also with 1v/oct,gate,and trigger out.
References available.
Jon Peters
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Post by IvanC »

I love to build for myself but never seem to have the time. Twice I've commissioned people to build for me; once a handful of MOTM kits, the other time a Sequentix P3. I knew of both the individual's work whom I used so I was happy with the results. I'm VERY picky about how things are done so it has to be someone I trust.

Like a lot of people, by the time I have money for the fun toys, I never seem to have the time. So it is likely I'll commission someone to do this work again. Although I do have a couple of kits laying around that I really want to put together one of these days.
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Post by regularjackson »

I've built a lot of Buchla format modules and some euro stuff. If anybody's looking to get something built in Vancouver, or i guess anywhere in Canada to avoid shipping over the border, we can talk about it. Can send pictures and ref's.
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Post by makers »

I'll also build Eurorack modules for folks. I've built the following and have sold many of them with-out complaint.

Music Thing Modular Radio Music, Spring and Turing Machines
Moogah SEM
Thomas White Resonant Low Pass Gate
Serge Resonant Filter
SID Guts
Manahatten Analog CVP, CP3 and VCA
RYO Optodist, VC Sequencer and Trig
Frequency Central System X envelope, Waverunner and Ultrawave
L1 Tube VCA
Steffcorp VCF2612
Tolex covered portable cases
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Post by lintfresh »

Located in Seattle, Wa, USA

I love building synths and have been doing it for a few years now for many happy customers. Years of professional soldering/assembly/wiring experience before that.

I mostly build in Euro and Serge formats but can do others on request. I've done a fair amount of standalone unit building too. Several TTSH's, Ciat-Lombarde circuits, tons of Euro, Serge/CGS panels, etc, etc...

Some pics here:

All builds are guaranteed 100%! If anything breaks for as long as you own it, I'll fix it for free.
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Post by b-art »

Format: Eurorack
Location: The Netherlands
Experience: Intermediate
CV: Resonant Equalizer MKII, Mutant Bassdrum, Mutant Hihats, Mutant Clap, 4MS Quad Pingable LFO, Barton Cv Divider, Barton Analog Drum, Custom Designed 16x8 passive OR Matrix. Custom Designed 4 channel Stereo Mixer (using 2 serge mixer PCB's) and a lot of Multiples :D

Short introduction:

Hi, my name is Bart and i am located in The Netherlands. I am a student at MODLAB which is a soldering workshop / course located in my hometown. I am not a hardcore experienced DIY'r and i have only intermediate knowledge about electronics. However this does not mean i am not fully skilled to solder Eurorack modules! As you can see above i have done plenty of projects already and they all went smooth, fast and without any problems. This is thanks to the wonderful and skilled teachers at MODLAB!

Only recently have i started soldering for others and i am doing so with utmost care and focus. I am cheap tho motivated! My services come with full guarantee and customer care! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or need advice about DIY'ing Eurorack modules.

Thanks! :tu:
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Post by appliancide »

Edit: not really building for others anymore

You can find more of my work at

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Post by Moog$FooL$ »


i can build & repair a lot of stuff....... right now i do work for a music shop in town & also for others.

amps, pedals, synths & of course modules.

many years experience.
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